Web Based Logistics, Asset Visibility and Field Logistical Support

CSMI utilizes an automated logistics tracking database that consolidates all maintenance and logistics actions through a single control point. This web-based system is accessed by deployed CSMI technical support staff, OEMs, and our end-use customers to provide complete asset visibility for all program stakeholders.

The versatility of the program is well suited to manage the logistics support and reporting requirements from small programs up to the largest deployment of systems on a global scale. The database allows visibility and control of:

  • Inventory
  • Shipping and receiving
  • End-item operational availability—meantime between failure data (MTBF)
  • End-item operational history
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance—meantime to repair data (MTTR)
  • Establishment of authorized stockage listing (ASL) and reorder points
  • Training
  • Warranty data and configuration changes
  • Personnel status reports
  • Technical bulletins, manuals, and engineering change orders (ECOs)

By instituting an automated logistics support program, sustainment personnel in the field have the capability to:

  • Provide detailed technical service reports
  • Order spare parts in real time
  • Report system failures/status
  • Call up system history
  • Document system configuration changes and upgrades
  • Manage local inventory and spare parts depots
  • Research technical bulletins and manuals
  • Conduct trend analysis

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